No. You do get all of that content, but you don't watch on the individual apps for each service. With AMC+, it's all in one place. 

So where do you watch? The same place you subscribed.

If you subscribed via...

  • use the AMC+ apps

    for all others...

  • Apple TV channels: use the Apple TV app
  • Amazon Prime Video channels: use the Prime Video app
  • The Roku Channel: use the app called The Roku Channel
  • DirecTV: use the DirecTV app or TV On Demand menu
  • Dish: use the Dish app or TV On Demand menu
  • Xfinity: use the Xfinity app or TV On Demand menu
  • Sling: use the Sling app
  • YouTube TV: use the YouTube TV app

All AMC+ content will be there, in one place. Just find the AMC+ section of your video provider's app.

(Your AMC+ sign-in credentials will not work on the individual apps for Shudder, Sundance Now, IFC Films Unlimited and AMC.)

Click here for more info on how to watch