Past seasons of The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead are not currently available on demand on AMC+. However, they are part of the lineup available on AMC+’s The Walking Dead Channel (a 24/7 TWD-dedicated network available only on AMC+) and on other catch-up services.

Stay tuned for new entries in The Walking Dead Universe coming to AMC+ next year and check out other TWDU series like Tales of the Walking Dead, World Beyond, and iconic TWD episodes in our “Best of” collections.

We are always refreshing the content lineup on AMC+ to bring you new shows and movies we know you’ll love, with new titles added weekly.

AMC+ is still the home for lots of great TWD Universe content!
That includes:
  • Current shows
  •   The Walking Dead: World Beyond (both seasons)
  •   Tales of the Walking Dead
  •   The next season of Fear The Walking Dead
  • Upcoming shows
  •   Dead City featuring Maggie & Negan
  •   Daryl Dixon featuring Daryl
  •   Summit featuring Rick & Michonne