If you want to watch on a Roku, you can subscribe via Roku and use their apps or from AMC and use our new AMC+ app for Roku and other devices. Information on both options is below. 

Subscribing from Roku

On Roku, you can get AMC+ by adding it as a Premium Subscription within The Roku Channel. Please see the steps below for details.

1. Get The Roku Channel on your Roku device.


  • The Roku Channel is its own app/channel that you need to have installed.
  • If you don't have it already, go to Home > Streaming Channels to find and add it to your device.
  • You will also need a Roku account for billing. If you don't have one yet, Roku will prompt you to create one when you add The Roku Channel.

2. Find AMC+
  • Launch The Roku Channel
  • Navigate to the row called Browse Premium Subscriptions
  • Click into Watch Premium Movies & TV
  • Find AMC+ under Movies & TV

The Roku Channel screenshot

3. Subscribe
  • Select AMC+
  • Start the 7-day trial
  • When your trial ends, your monthly subscription will begin (charged by Roku Pay)

Now you should be all set! You can find all AMC+ content within The Roku Channel. If you have any questions at that point, just let us know.

Subscribing directly with AMC

Starting on 8/10 you can also subscribe directly with AMC if you would like, then use our new AMC+ app for Roku and other devices. See more info here: How do I subscribe directly from AMC?