Some Verizon customers may qualify for a special promotion that gives them free AMC+ for a certain period. If you are eligible, you will receive the offer by Verizon over email.

Basic Offer

  1. If you already have a subscription to AMC+ through another company (e.g.  Apple Channels and Amazon Prime Channels), you will need to cancel that subscription before redeeming the offer.

  2. Sign in to your My Verizon Home account.
  3. Find the AMC+ Redeem now tile and select Get Started.
  4. Review the Terms & Conditions, then select Go to AMC+
  5. Create an AMC+ account. 

Canceling and the End of the Free Period

A month before the AMC+ offer ends, you will receive a reminder email from Verizon that you will start to be billed for AMC+ at the end of the promotion. If you do not cancel AMC+ by the end of the 12-month offer period, your AMC+ subscription will automatically renew, and you will be billed by Verizon for $8.99/month.

You can cancel the subscription at any time during your promotional period by contacting Verizon Customer Service. However, you will still have access to AMC+ for the original 6-month or 12-month promotional period.

Using Your new AMC+ Subscription

If you redeem one of these offers, you will then have access to AMC+ on and the new AMC+ apps. (Please make sure to use these, not or the regular AMC apps with the black-and-white logo.)