Season 6 Availability

Each episode of season 6 of Better Call Saul is available for a limited time only (about 30 days after they premiere), then our license expires and the episode is no longer available to view On Demand on AMC+. You can see the end date for each episode: look for the banner in the episode art, or check the episode description.

We understand this limited availability may disappoint some AMC+ members. Unfortunately our streaming rights for this series are limited due to pre-existing contracts with our partners.

Previous Seasons

Unfortunately past seasons are not available, due to licensing restrictions. Seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Netflix, or to purchase on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Xbox.

Catch-up Marathons

On Monday 8/15 we will air a catch-up marathon for the second half of Better Call Saul.

  • From 2:30 PM (Eastern) episodes 8 through 12 will rerun
  • Episode 13 (the finale) follows that marathon at 9 PM
  • This is on the AMC linear/livestream feed (the same as cable, which includes ads.)
  • Find it on the livestream section under AMC (notice that there's also a different livestream for AMC+ spotlights―that's not where the marathon shows)