AMC+ is the ultimate destination for premium original programming from the US, Britain, Oz and beyond. Featuring AMC’s award-winning original series plus full access to the best international mysteries from Acorn TV and the spine-tingling horror of Shudder, AMC+ offers a curated selection of critically-acclaimed dramas, comedies, thrillers, and movies all in one place. New and exclusive releases weekly – always ad-free.


What is the cost?

Costs are available on each provider's website.

How do I subscribe?

Directly Through AMC

You can subscribe directly with us. More info here: How do I subscribe directly from AMC?

Through our partners

Get AMC+ as an add-on channel on these platforms:

Can I access Shudder or Acorn TV on their own websites and apps? 

Not with AMC+ but you can still get all of the content from those services: it's all in one place, the AMC+ app. 

How do I contact Amazon? 

Call 888-280-4331

Or visit

How do I contact Apple?


How do I cancel AMC+?

See detailed info here: