An additional way to watch

Customers of some of our partners can now sign in to our own AMC+ website and apps. Currently, this includes Charter (Spectrum TV), but it will expand to include others in the future.

You will see a new option at the bottom of the sign-in page: "Sign in with your provider." Click that to choose your provider, then enter your credentials on the following screen.

What is new about this?

Previously, if you subscribed to AMC+ from Charter (Spectrum) then you had to watch only on their platforms (their websites, apps and set-top boxes). 

Now, however, you can also use your provider credentials to sign in directly on and the AMC+ apps.

I don’t see my provider

Currently, this sign-in option is only available to Charter (Spectrum) customers. This may expand in the future to include others.

Where do I get my Charter credentials?

Your credentials are the username and password you use to log in when viewing content or account information on your TV provider's website or apps. If you're not sure or you need to reset your password, please contact your TV provider directly.

I tried to sign in with my provider's credentials, but I see an error that something went wrong

To sign in with Charter (Spectrum), you need:

  • An account with that provider that includes AMC+ as an add-on to your TV provider. AMC+ is not the same as the regular AMC channel that is included in most basic packages. AMC+ is an optional add-on.
  • Correct username and password

How to sign in after seeing an error:

  • First check that your credentials are correct: sign in at
  • If you are unable to sign in, contact your TV provider to reset your credentials
  • Check your account to make sure you have AMC+ as an add-on in your TV package
  • If you're still seeing a problem when signing in directly with AMC+, please open a support ticket in this portal or email us at

I already have a subscription directly with AMC+, what do I do now?

You can continue watching the same way you have been. Continue signing in with your AMC+ email and password.