You can watch via the AMC+ Roku app if:
  • you started your subscription via or through our own app
  • and you are on an ad-free plan

If you want to watch on the AMC+ app for Roku you just need to make sure you're getting the right app in the app store. It can be confusing sometimes, as Roku has two completely separate ways to watch AMC+. 

Watching on Roku:
  1. Please go to Home > Search and enter 'amc'.
  2. Roku will suggest several options, including AMC+ and AMC+ on The Roku Channel.
  3. Make sure to get the one that just says AMC+.
    (If you don't see that, try the search again as 'amc movies')
  4. Sign in with your email and password

What to Look for When You Search

AMC+ App

This is our actual AMC+ app.


Get the app that looks like this. 

- - - 

The Roku Channel

Do not click into this:


That's not our app. It's a shortcut to takes you to The Roku Channel and allows you to purchase AMC+ from them as a premium subscription. (The Roku Channel is Roku's own video platform and subscription system.)

What You Should See After Download

The AMC+ app has a menu that looks like this:


So that's what you should see in your app.

- - - 

You should not see something like the image below with the bright purple background. This is The Roku Channel: